Artist Statement

My work is high fired porcelain, hand thrown, with layered glazes. The forms are simple and organic. They are the result of constant refinement — the simple that lies beyond complex. I strive to give the pots a breath inside, and the kind of life that makes them reveal new things to the perceptive viewer as his or her vision deepens. I always try to hide my hand, so it seems as if the pot just appeared out of the depths of the universe. 

I began making pots in 1968 while working toward a Ph.D. in Mathematics. A chance meeting with pottery, and I became inspired. That inspiration has lasted my whole career, enhanced by moving to a meditation community in 1978, and by a deep study of historical and traditional pottery.

All of the glazes I use are of my own formulation, and mostly of the crystalline variety. My glazes have continually evolved since 1968, the result of over 30 thousand glaze tests. I brush the glazes in micro-thin layers and build up the correct thickness with many coats.  I find that just two-thousandths of an inch in glaze thickness can make the difference between a glaze that works and one that doesn’t.  

I make the pots I love to make. I continue to be inspired and informed by historical pottery, by a fascination with the micro- and macro-universes, and by my lifelong effort to quiet the mind through meditation.